HiveShare 2017

HiveShare Pickup & 2018 RegistrationSent on 20 October 2017We intend to run the program again - HiveShare 2018.  There will be some fine tuning to the program which will be highlighted at a later date.   Registration will open to the public at our booth at the HoneyCraft Christmas Craft Show on December 9th.   
Rocky Mountain Fireweed HoneySent on 04 October 2017As a tribute to the Canadian Forest Firefighters who risked their lives to save our BC forests and communities in one of the worst years for forest fires in Canadian history we are pleased to offer this limited BC honey to our community.  A portion of the sales will go towards the Canadian Red Cross BC Forest Firefighter's Appeal Program.
Propolis Sent on 03 October 2017Announcing the availability of a Beatty Propolis Tincture made from local York Region Propolis. Propolis Tincture can usually safely be taken as a daily supplement by those without allergies.  It contains proteins, vitamins, and flavanoids, a type of metabolite produced by plants that often have strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants have the ability to decrease the number of free radicals in the body that could potentially turn into disease or cancer.
HiveShare 2017 Market BasketsSent on 27 September 2017OY OY....Beatty HIVESHARE 2017 MEMBERS ... Time to pick up your 2017 market basket of "you select" honey and other hive products.
December 9th HoneyCraft ShowSent on 20 September 2017
British Columbia Blackberry HoneySent on 12 September 2017As part of Beatty Honey Farm's participation as a registered Canada 150 Alliance Partner we are bringing into Ontario honeys from around the country to celebrate and support our fellow Canadian beekeepers. This "small batch" special honey is from Victoria, Vancouver Island and made from real wild blackberry nectar found in the mountains on the island.
Beeyard Visits Sent on 07 September 2017Invitation only beeyard visits for the HiveShare Members
August UpdateSent on 17 August 2017
July HiveShare UpdateSent on 05 July 2017
June Update - Jack AstorsSent on 05 June 2017
Honey Supers - A Few Left Sent on 11 April 2017A few more honey supers available for painting
Honey & Shea Body ButterSent on 27 March 2017Beatty Honey new product - Honey & Shea Body Butter
Dates for HiveShare Honey Super Paint ProjectsSent on 27 March 2017April 22nd is the deadline to have all painted HiveShare Honey supers back to the Apiary
Sweet n' Spicy BBQ SauceSent on 18 March 2017
On Painting the HiveBoxesSent on 03 March 2017
Beehive Boxes for Painting Sent on 25 February 2017This year we are commemorating Canada's 150th anniversary with big n bold HiveArt
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