What is the Beatty HiveShare Program?

Honeybee colonies in Ontario have been severely challenged over the past few years.   Overwintering losses incurred in 2014 and 2015 were 58%, and 38% respectively.  The poor spring and summer in Ontario in 2017 led to a drop in honey yield of over 50%.  It is time for a little intervention - to lend a helping hand to the honeybees.  

We initiated the Beatty Hiveshare Program in direct response to the threat faced by the honeybee and a strong desire by the community to be part of the solution.   

The objective of HiveShare is to help increase the number of honeybee colonies and to help maintain healthy, vibrant honeybee colonies.    This program is a community focused program.  It presents an opportunity for people in the community to take action in helping to recover from and to reverse the trend of honeybee colony losses.    

The ancillary objective of HiveShare is to introduce beekeeping to more people in the community by making it affordable, accessible, and easy to get involved with beekeeping.  Our simple view is that the more people know about honeybees and beekeeping the better the chance of creating a more sustainable honeybee population.   

How Does it Work?

It all starts by becoming a HiveShare member - apply for an annual membership.   Applications are accepted under How to Become a Member

The funds collected are applied in the early months of the year to order new honeybee colonies, make new hives, purchase honeybee medication and food, and to help feed the honeybees during the critical early spring and summer months.  Later in the year the funds are drawn by the beekeeper to maintain the hiveyard equipment, machinery required for harvesting the honey, pollen, and propolis, and to maintain healthy honeybee colonies.  The program runs throughout calendar year.  

The beeyards are located in Southern Ontario's York Region with additional hiveyards starting up in the Grey/Bruce area.   

As harvesting progresses throughout the mid-summer and fall months the beekeeper notifies the members as hive products become available and they are also notified of any upcoming beekeeping activities.  The member may elect to draw funds from their account to purchase product and/or participate in beekeeping activities.   The members have access to unpasteurized wildflower and buckwheat honey, bee pollen, beeswax, and propolis and beekeeping activities such as building and painting the hive boxes.  Creating new hives is a key element in getting ready for the new honeybee colonies and it's a fun project to do as a family or a group of friends.   

Most people are aware of the health properties of honey.   But many are not aware of pollen, propolis, and beeswax.  Another important aspect of HiveShare is to help broaden the member's knowledge of these other products by offering the rich breadth of healthy hive products and their use and benefits.   

When you join this program you will be experiencing a slice of the life of the beekeeper. The hand dealt by mother nature is unpredictable.   We could experience a great year and as a result, a bumper crop of honey or we could experience a poor year for honey.   As a fellow beekeeper you will be sharing the risk and enjoying the rewards.  When we gain, you gain.  If we have a particularly poor harvest, it may not be possible to hit the targets we have in mind for all our products.   We reserve the right to select the contents and quantities of the products in each package and our goal is to give each member an opportunity to get a mix of all of what the hive has to offer.       

After each harvest, we will post a notice of what new products are now available for pick up at the Beatty Honey Farm located in the Queensville area.  Under special arrangements, we will make deliveries within 50 km of the farm.   In 2017 we have started a new process whereby the member may draw from their account funds at any time for the purchase of available product. 

HiveShare members are kept abreast of HiveShare activities and progress monthly via the a Beatty Honey Farm website "www.honey4sale.ca" and the Facebook page "BeattyHoney".  

For those interested in potentially becoming a beekeeper the Hiveshare Program offers a close glimpse at beekeeping without the major investment.

Be sure to check out HiveShare Questions/Answers for frequently asked questions. 

If you have any questions we would be pleased to hear from you @  CONTACT US.