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Hiveshare FAQ

How exactly does HiveShare work?
The consumer buys into the HiveShare program early in the year.  This money is allocated by the beekeeper towards the purchase of new honeybee colonies.   Later in the year when the products from the hive are harvested, the beekeeper offers the consumer a mix of hive products consisting primarily of raw, unpasteurized honey but it will also include pollen, beeswax, and propolis since one of the purposes of the program is to introduce the rich breadth of health benefits we get from the honeybee.   The actual amount of the value of the hive products depends on the type of year the bees are experiencing but our design point for the program is to ensure the consumer gets excellent value in product for the investment made. 

Can you visit the farm throughout the season?

YES, the beekeeper encourages members to visit the apiary PROVIDED, plans are made in advance with the beekeeper and a visit is scheduled.  This is a live apiary and we may even arrange designated days as an open house to get to meet other members and the beekeeper.   We have a limited supply of beekeeping attire - which of course, is mandatory if you plan to visit the bees!  

Can you help out on the apiary in exchange for a reduced share rate?
All help is appreciated but no it does not go towards reducing the cost of the honeybee colonies that we incur.  If you are interested in volunteering for work detail please contact us.   Helping out is a great way to acquire knowledge on "bee craft". 

In the fall after the harvest, what can we expect in our Harvest Box? 
It will made up of raw, unpasteurized honey, and a mix of other hive products that are premium health products, like bee pollen, propolis, and even raw beeswax. The exact contents are so dependent on the quality of the harvest we can not predict what we will get.  However, the value of the program is to learn about honeybees and the value they bring us so it is our intent to provide each consumer with a cross section of all the products derived from the hive.  The box contents will be made up of different proportions of various raw unpasteurized honeys, beeswax, pollen, and propolis.   The value of the content will be at least 100% of the monies paid and the actual content is at the discretion of the beekeeper based on harvest volumes for each product.