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Fireweed Honey

Fireweed Honey

Fireweed honey has a very light delicate subtle flavour.  It knocks a punch with its super sweetness.  It is truly one of the finest honeys on the market today.  In 2018 it won second prize in a world wide honey contest.

Each year we witness our Canadian forests being ravaged by fire especially in the mountains of British Columbia.   The Fireweed plant is among the first plant to grow after fire has devastated a mountain side.  We have an alliance with a Vancouver Island apiary to swap honeys to be able to offer our customers Fireweed honey and we donate a portion of each sale to the Canadiian Red Cross BC Firefighters Fund. 

Fireweed honey contains several chemical compounds with anti-inflammatory and/or antibacterial properties and researchers are also investigating fireweed as a possible acne treatment.  The aboriginal natives introduced the early settlers to the many medicinal applications of the plant.   Adn we are proud to be able to introduce it to you!

BC Fireweed Honey BC Fireweed Honey
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Brand: Beatty Honey Farm Model: FW250
Fireweed grows in the mountainous regions or British Columbia and Alberta.  We started bringing this specific honey to Ontario as a tribute to the firefighters of British Columbia and for each jar sold money is annually donated to the Canadian Red Cross BC Firefighter Family Appeals Fund.Firewe..
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