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Program Description

Program Description

Objectives of Beatty's HiveShare Program 

  • Help maintain as well as increase the # of new honeybee colonies in Ontario.  This is to help recover from the losses experienced in Ontario over the past few years. 

  • Introduce beekeeping to more people in the community by making it easy to participate. 

  • Reduce some of the constraints faced by the beekeeper in creating new colonies of honeybees.

How Does it Work?

  • It all starts with becoming a member by apply for an annual membership.   Applications are accepted under HiveShare Memberships

  • The member's funds are directed towards the maintenance and/or purchase of honeybee colonies.  These hives will be located at the Beatty Honey Farm and other locations in southern Ontario.  Soon after the harvest, the beekeeper organizes a Harvest Basket which consists of the various products from the hive such as unpasteurized wildflower and buckwheat honey, bee pollen, beeswax, and propolis.  The design point for the program is to provide the consumer with a cross section of the rich breadth of healthy hive products as well as excellent value for their money.  

  • When you join this program you will be experiencing a slice of the life of the beekeeper. The hand dealt by mother nature is unpredictable.   We could experience a great year and as a result, a bumper crop of honey or we could experience a poor year for honey.   As a fellow beekeeper you will be sharing the risk and enjoying the rewards.  When we gain, you gain.  If we have a particularly poor harvest, it may not be possible to hit the targets we have in mind for all our products.   We reserve the right to select the contents and quantities of the products in each package and our goal is to give each member an opportunity to get a mix of all of what the hive has to offer.       

  • After the harvest, we will post a notice that your Harvest Basket is ready for pick up at the Beatty Honey Farm located in the Queensville area.  Under special arrangements, we will make deliveries within 50 km of the farm. 

  • HiveShare members are kept abreast of HiveShare activities and progress monthly via the a Beatty Honey Farm website "" and the Facebook page "BeattyHoney".  

  • One of the objectives of HiveShare is to help introduce more people into beekeeping as well as the broad spectrum of uses of hive products.  As part of the gold and silver memberships we offer beekeeping education, beehive workshops, beeyard tours, accessories for making your own products from beeswax and honey, and hive placement services.   The dates for these sessions will be posted on the website and Facebook page.  

  • Each member will be assigned points associated with their level of membership and they have complete flexibility over how they wish to allocate their points. 

      Why Participate? 

      Environmental Benefits

        Honeybee colonies in Ontario have been severely challenged over the past few years.  Overwintering losses incurred in 2014 and 2015 were 58%, and 38% respectively.   2017 and 2018 were even worse for the honeybees.  It is time for a little intervention - to help reverse this trend.  Beatty's Hiveshare Program is about building and maintaining vibrant honeybee colonies.    

        Consumer Benefits

        HiveShare is a good way to get involved in beekeeping at a fraction of the cost.   

        In contrast if you were to own your own hive, it can cost well over $1200.00 for the first year and require 40 to 50 hours of work!

        Here is the rough breakdown:      

        • A full honeybee colony can require an hour/week during the spring/summer/fall for hive maintenance and pest management,

        • About 8 hours of work to take off the honey, process it and bottle it (not to mention marketing it), 

        • $200 for the nucleus of honeybees,

        • $100 in disease and pest treatments,

        • $500-$600 in hive equipment,

        • $125 in clothing,

        • $60 in tools,

        • $350-5,000 for honey harvesting equipment (depending on how sophisticated the operation).

        Be sure to check out HIVESHARE Questions/Answers for frequently asked questions.

        If you have any questions we would be pleased to hear from you @  CONTACT US.

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