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Babyshower Favours

Babyshower Favours

The honey has not been heated to the point of destroying all the natural living enzymes and other nutrients. 

Typically 45 days for a worker bee; 2-3 years for a queen; 1 season for a drone

Babyshower Favours

Looking for cute gift as a thank-you for a babyshower?  

A personalized jar filled with Beatty's 100% pure Ontario Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey will be much appreciated, savoured, enjoyed by all.  

Surprise your guests with an original, local all natural, healthy keepsake. 

While we can package our honey in any size and shape of jar of your choice, we keep in stock a supply of 190ml hexagonal jars that hold close to a 1/2 pound of honey.   And, we can also provide honey in just about any shape of jar and size of your choice ranging in price from $2.50 to $5.50.

The picture featured has been kindly contributed by one of our customers!  

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping & Delivery Information All products are available for pickup at the Beatty Honey Farm located in Queensville, Ontario. Deliveries may be arranged by calling us for a custom quote.

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