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Creamed Miel del Diablo

Creamed Miel del Diablo
Creamed Miel del Diablo
Creamed Miel del Diablo
Creamed Miel del Diablo

The honey has not been heated to the point of destroying all the natural living enzymes and other nutrients. 

Typically 45 days for a worker bee; 2-3 years for a queen; 1 season for a drone

Creamed Miel del Diablo

This is the creamed version of the Miel del Diablo sauce we launched in 2018 making it a great gourmet spread on crackers and in a dip. 
Our tropically flavoured hot honey is a sweet and citrus-flavoured hot sauce that is extremely versatile - great on chicken, burgers, into dressings, as a BBQ sauce , killer wings, etc..
New for 2018... a signature dish!

Our original recipe infuses the bold n' spicy flavours of Thai chilies, with Ecuadorian mangoes, oranges, limes, and lemons all hand picked from our family's farm in Ecuador in the equatorial climate of the Bahia des Caraquez region, with unpasteurized Summer Wildflower Honey from our York-Region-based farm to create a balanced sweet and sour hot sauce that promises to ignite your pallet.  

The aroma of the mango, orange, lemons, and limes gives the sauce a whole new dimension to honey-based sauces not found in your local supermarket.    
Ingredients: All natural unpasteurized Wildflower Ontario Honey, Thai Chilies, Ecuadorian mangoes, oranges, limes, and lemons. 

Great as a spicy spread!  

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