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Beatty Honey

Babyshower Appreciation Gifts

Babyshower Appreciation Gifts

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Looking for cute gift as a thank-you for those attending your babyshower?  

Surprise your guests with an original, local all natural, healthy keepsake - a personalized jar filled with 100% pure Ontario unpasteurized wildflower honey. 

This gift for a baby shower showcases 100% pure Beatty Wildflower Honey as a natural and rich source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes. It is an ideal present for new moms or expecting families.

Delight family and friends with these beautiful Babyshower Appreciation Gifts, featuring wildflower honey with vibrant natural colour. Perfect for celebrating the joys of new motherhood and expressing your gratitude.

Wildflower honey varies in hue depending on the climate and blooming vegetation available to honeybees. This natural variability makes wildflower honey the most versatile of honeys for day-to-day use, typically ranging from pale white to amber.

We keep in stock a supply of 150g hexagonal jars and 250g hexagonal jars and a slightly larger 330g round jar for gift purposes.  Prices from $4 to $10.  

Our price includes custom labelling,  jars/lids, and the incredible unpasteurized honey delivered by our honeybees !  And, hey, there is no tax on all the above.

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